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Shenandoah Medical Center
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Shenandoah, Iowa
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Home Health Services

When you choose the Shenandoah Medical Center as your home health agency, you have selected a caring, personalized approach. We offer access to leading clinical technologies and high-quality care from experienced, dedicated healthcare professionals.
Our comprehensive home therapy and nursing care services include:

Dressing Changes and Wound Care

Licensed nursing professionals can perform blood draws, IV therapy, medications, tube feedings and other necessary treatments.

Infusion Therapy
The administration of medication through a needle or catheter should be managed by a registered nurse under the guidance of your physician. State-of-the-art portable equipment allows us to provide a wide array of infusion therapy treatments in your home.

Antibiotic Therapy
Antibiotics can be provided intravenously in the comforts of your home to help medically stable patients fight off a potentially serious infection.

Pain Management
Patient comfort is an important component of any effective medical treatment. Certain conditions produce unyielding pain that requires ongoing pain management. In these cases, our nursing team will work with your physician, you and your family to administered a continuously or cycled pain relief regiment at home.

Physical Therapy
Professional therapists visit your home and provide you with instruction, special exercises and massage techniques to improve mobility, strength, and restore functioning.

Occupational Therapy
Specialized therapist will help you develop strength and dexterity for the daily skills needed to restore your independence as much as possible.

Speech Pathology
Certified speech-language pathologists will guide you in re-learning speaking and other communication skills. Dysphagia (or swallowing) therapy also is available.

Client and Family Education
A variety of health issues and initiatives -- including diet, diabetes, ostomy care, and oxygen therapy - are available in home from our team of healthcare education professionals.

Parenting and Newborn Needs
For new parents, post-delivery follow-up visits with a registered nurse may be scheduled in your home. Instructions regarding the care of your newborn, special treatments, and simple reassurances can help provide the peace of mind so important at this time.

All Shenandoah Medical Center Home Health services require a physician's referral. Our Home Health program is Medicare and Medicaid certified with the State of Iowa. In addition, most major insurance companies and the Veteran's Administration cover the cost of these services for qualified participants.

Additional Resources

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For more information about our Home Health care, please contact your physician or our Administrator of Home Health at (712) 246-7317.

Home Health Services

Shenandoah Medical Center
300 Park Avenue
Shenandoah, Iowa
Phone: (712) 246-7317

Hours: Registered Nurses are available 24/7 for Home Health clients.
Administrative assistance is available: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.