Enhancing the Power of Philanthropy to Save Lives in Southwest Iowa

Mission: Provide assistance and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Shenandoah Medical Center through relationship building to secure financial resources, enhance donor engagement, and promote world-class healthcare.

Vision: Assist the Shenandoah Medical Center to identify and surpass the ever-changing healthcare needs of the communities served.

Through the support and generosity of our community, the Shenandoah Medical Center Foundation positively impacts the lives of thousands of people in Shenandoah and surrounding communities.

Your consideration, compassion and contributions have enabled us to purchase lifesaving medical equipment, build a new child care facility and enhance the delivery of quality healthcare in this community through various facility remodeling projects. Your thoughtful contributions have resulted in medical scholarships for future care providers and helped accommodate families with memorials for loved ones through the purchase of permanent art, hospital equipment and the development of a serenity garden.

In the spirit of caring, we turn to you and ask for continued support. Together we can continue our commitment to the availability of quality healthcare for our community.

Want to start the conversation on how you can impact the lives of others?
Contact our Foundation Team:

Ryan Spiegel

Foundation Director
712-246-7074 rspiegel@smchospital.com

Haley Weis

Marketing Specialist
712-246-7125 hweis@smchospital.com

Sydney Shaw

Foundation Coordinator
712-246-1230 sshaw@smchospital.com

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