Personalized Women's Health to Meet Every Woman's Needs

At Shenandoah Medical Center, we offer personalized, quality care for women through every stage of life. From routine preventative care to the miracle of childbirth, our Women's Health Center offers a comfortable environment where your specific needs will be taken care of by friendly, compassionate and talented women's health professionals.

Our attenuative and caring physicians, nurses and technologists support you with the full continuum of obstetrics and gynecological services, including:

  • Annual physicals
  • Breast exams
  • Bladder evaluation and treatment
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Menopause and pre-menopause evaluations, including bone density evaluations
  • Hormone therapy
  • Pelvic pain evaluation and treatment
  • Pregnancy care, including early ultrasound, early prenatal care, and biophysical profile ultrasounds
  • High-risk pregnancy services, including fetal monitoring
  • Sexually transmitted disease evaluation and treatment
  • Vaginal infectious disease and pain care

We also offer certified breast feeding education, childbirth preparation classes, contraceptive counseling and prenatal education.

Our Women's Health Center at SMC is equipped with two newly remodeled operating rooms and an endoscopic center, accommodating surgeries performed by our general surgeon and our OB/GYN surgical specialists. Additionally, visiting surgeons provide care to women in Shenandoah. The visiting surgeons offer expertise in specialty areas, such as urology, orthopedics, ENT, gastroenterology, and optometric services.


Laborist Program

Jona Hutson, our Certified Nurse Midwife, works as our resident Laborist at SMC. A laborist is there for birthing mothers to support with such things as pain management, labor management, labor support, deliveries, and overall patient care. The laborst will work closely with the patients primary OB/GYN to provide comfortable and enjoyable experience. This model will increase hours of immediate available OB care and provide for timely evaluation and treatment for laboring mothers.

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