Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III is offered at the SMC Wellness Center located on the hospital campus and is available by referral for Phase II graduates only. With Cardiac Rehab Phase III, participants have the freedom of coming into our facility and working out in our Wellness Center. There is no limits on the number of visits per month or how long you stay each visit. We know the combination of exercise machines, free weights, and cheerful surroundings will keep you coming back.

The Cardiac Rehab III program is just $35 a month. You must be a Cardiac Rehab Phase II graduate to qualify for this special pricing. It is not covered by most insurances. A physician’s prescription or an authorized signature from any Cardiac Rehab Phase II program is needed in order to participate. Our Cardiac Rehab staff can help you obtain a prescription.

You will meet with the Wellness staff to begin your Phase III program. You may choose to work with a Personal Trainer who will design a personalized exercise program to help you achieve your goals and make healthy lifestyle changes. Please call (712) 246-7325 to set up your appointment.

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