Shenandoah Ambulance Service

Since 1986, the City of Shenandoah has contracted with Shenandoah Medical Center for ambulance services. We employ a dedicated team of full-time, part-time and flex employees to respond to emergency calls throughout our community and the surrounding areas. These dedicated healthcare professionals also assist our teams within the hospital, with care needs that benefit from their training and expertise. This support is often provided within the Emergency Department.

Licensed emergency medical service (EMS) professionals are the backbone of SMC emergency care. Each EMS provider has completed the state-approved EMS coursework. After completing classroom training, these healthcare professionals also completed a practical skills exam and cognitive exam in order to be eligible for licensure.

Today, the Shenandoah EMS unit is comprised of highly respected professionals that have obtained endorsements ranging from EMT-B to Critical Care EMT-P. All Shenandoah EMS personnel abide by the Iowa EMS Pre-Hospital Treatment Protocols, as Iowa is one of only a few states in the country to have uniform, statewide protocols that set minimum practice standard for EMS providers.


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