Behavioral Health

At the Shenandoah Medical Center, true wellness is seen as harmony of the mind, body and soul. Effective healthcare cannot focus solely on your physical well-being. A complete approach must address all areas of your health, including mental health and substance use disorder.
We are dedicated to helping clients attain their optimal potential. We provide comprehensive, compassionate care to help you work through issues you are facing and provide tools to help you make lasting changes in your life.
Our staff is professionally trained in the mental health field. We offer psychotherapy and medication treatment. This includes a complete psychiatric and medication evaluation with the goal of identifying the physical, mental, emotional, and social factors that are affecting your emotional well-being. Our goal is to help you improve your coping skills through cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques. We work with families and community service agencies to allow clients to attain their maximal level of functioning.

Services are available through referral from your primary care provider. To make an appointment or learn more about our services, please contact us at (712) 246-7400.

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