Medical Surgical Unit

Shenandoah Medical Center’s Medical Surgical Unit provides critical life sustaining support for patients of all ages recovering from a life-threatening procedure or event. We strive to maximize efficient care and patient comfort in our facility. Our team is experienced, interdisciplinary and dedicated to exceptional service.

Our medical team works together using a holistic health-approach to deliver exceptional care. Our surgeons specialize in a variety different surgical service lines. Our hospitalists are available to patients around the clock and they coordinate efforts with rehabilitation services to ensure ongoing recovery throughout the entire care process.

Patient care and comfort is further elevated by our exceptional, well-designed facilities. Every patient room is private and equipped with a personal bathroom, television and WiFi. Rooms feature comfortable recliners, where a family member may rest during overnight visits. A room service approach to meal service accommodates individual patient needs, and meal service is even extended to the parents of pediatric patients. Throughout our Medical Surgical Unit area, the environment is open, friendly, quiet and relaxing. Also featured is an enclosed garden, providing a fresh air oasis for patient, visitors and their medical team.

For additional information about our critical care facilities and services, please contact the Medical Surgical Unit at 712-246-7263.

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