Personal Assistance at the Push of a Button

Lifeline is a personal alert system that enables you direct contact with a support system of neighbors, friends and emergency services within the community. It’s an incredible high-tech tool that offers you and your loved ones independence and peace of mind by ensuring that, if necessary, professional medical help is readily available with the simple push of a button.

A trained Lifeline care provider is accessible at the hospital 24/7, and the hospital staff is available to assist with the initial system set-up.

For additional information about lifeline personal alert system, please call SMC at 712-246-7169.


Lifeline Core Benefits
  • Help at the touch of a button
  • Two-way voice communication via high output speakerphone
  • Assurance that help has arrived through "closed loop protocol"
  • 24-hour professional and friendly monitoring personnel
  • Fall Alert - if you fall, lifeline will automatically notify the service and help will be dispatched immediately
  • Optional inactivity timer allowing the patient to check-in daily
  • Remote answering capability, which allows the patient to answer phone calls by pressing their help button
  • Low battery signals from both help button and communicator
  • Rechargeable battery provides back-up power during failures
  • Continuous phone and power line checks to confirm operation
  • TelAssure - 3o day automated test reminder
  • Installation performed with 24-48 hours
  • No limit on number of signals (patient can press their help button for social contact)

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